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Promoting Commerce Between Botswana
and the United States

The American Business Council in Botswana (ABC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building and strengthening economic ties between the U.S. and Botswana.

About Us

Established in 1994, ABC is a non-profit organization registered as a company Limited by Guarantee under the Laws of Botswana. ABC serves as a vital link between the U.S. Embassy, businesses in Botswana, and business entities in the United States. Its members subscribe to and support the following objectives, which form part of its Articles of Association.

  • To foster investment and trading relationships and to strengthen commercial ties between the U.S and Botswana.
  • To provide a source of information and advice about doing business in Botswana for U.S investors and traders.
  • To support the growth of Botswana businesses through access to services, information, and relationships with U.S government and private entities.
  • To provide a forum for its members to discuss, determine, and take action on matters related to the foregoing.
  • To undertake any and all other matters as recommended and approved by its members and in accordance with its Articles of Association.

What We DO

U.S. – Botswana business relations

Advocacy and Representation

ABC advocates for the interests of both American and Botswana businesses. It serves as a voice to address regulatory and policy issues that impact its member companies from both countries, working to create a favorable business environment.

Business Development

ABC supports the growth of both American and Botswana businesses in Botswana by providing resources and information about local markets, trends, and opportunities. This helps member companies make informed decisions for their business strategies.

Government Relations

The Council engages with national government officials and authorities to communicate the needs and concerns of its member companies. It works to establish positive relationships and promote policies that support trade, investment, and economic development.

Trade and Investment Promotion

ABC plays a role in promoting bilateral trade and investment between the United States and Botswana. It may organize trade missions, business forums, and events to showcase investment prospects.

Knowledge Sharing

Though publications, reports, and industry insights the Council provides valuable information to its members about market trends, regulatory changes, and business best practices.

Events, Networking, and Workshops

Throughout the year, ABC organizes a variety of events for its members, including sports and culinary activities, strategy workshops, and Business Breakfasts hosted by the U.S. Ambassador. In addition, the Council can facilitate direct business lines and sector-specific linkages between Botswana businesses and U.S companies and agencies.

Community Building

The Council fosters a sense of community among its members, allowing them to exchange experiences, challenges, and successes. This community-building aspect encourages mutual support and collaboration.

Information Hub

ABC provides its members with access to information sessions and high-level visits from the State Department, the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), and other U.S. government agencies to help Botswana businesses grow and thrive.

Policy Engagement

The Council also engages in policy discussions and works to influence legislative decisions related to business and trade. ABC gathers input from its members to advocate for policies that benefit both its member companies and the broader business community.

Membership Accelerates Success

Join us to access exclusive networking events, U.S. regulatory and trade insights, and connections with U.S entities to drive your business growth in Botswana.

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